Ace Steel & Recycling Inc.

Stainless Steel

Ace wants your stainless steel!

Ace will pay for stainless steel items such as sinks, faucets, appliances, or automotive parts.

Look in most homes today and you will see kitchens full of stainless steel sinks, faucets and appliances. Stainless steel is also extensively used on cars, trucks, and motorcycles, since it has a high appeal to consumers because it contains chrome and nickel alloys that make it bright and shiny.

This material is highly sought-after by recyclers, and heavily recycled throughout the world, to the point that most new stainless steel items contain around 60% recycled material.  There are two main types of stainless steels that we recycle - 300 or 400 Series. The 300 series contains chrome and nickel and is non-magnetic, it is worth the most. The 400 series stainless steel has the chrome but no nickel and is therefore magnetic. The 400 series stainless steel still has value, but because it is missing the nickel it has a lower value.

Stainless steel is classified as clean or dirty; clean being relatively pure without other metals, plastics or insulation, and dirty having "some" contaminants. Most appliances that have heavy insulation are bought as an iron grade.

The demand for stainless steel has doubled in the last decade, and the recyclers like Ace have become vital players in providing a stable supply of quality secondary raw material.


Under South Dakota law any we cannot buy any kegs that meet the following specifications:

(1) The keg is clearly marked as the property of a brewery manufacturer; or

(2) The keg's identification markings have been made illegible.


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