Ace Steel & Recycling Inc.


Ace wants all of your aluminum, whatever form it's in.

All "Aluminum" is not the same.  There are different alloys of aluminum that increase or decrease their value. For example, aluminum cans are actually comprised of two different alloys, 3014 and 5182. Both alloys have magnesium and manganese in varying amounts. It is the alloys or lack of an alloy that usually determine the final value.  We'll identify your aluminum when you bring it in, explain the differences to you, and let you know what it's worth.

Aluminum Sheet Clean:  Pure aluminum sheets typically used for roofing or to cover buildings.

Painted siding is accepted, but must not have any insulation, screws, or metal trim attached.

Aluminum Sheet Dirty:  Same as above, but with up to 5% of non-aluminum items such as screws, corrosion, metal trim, etc.

Aluminum Extrusion Clean:  6063 aluminum products manufactured using a extruded moulding process, such as door or window frames.  Cannot contain dirt, plastic, insualtion, or other non-aluminum items.

Aluminum Extrusion Dirty:  Same as above, but with some contaminants.

Aluminum Wire:  Either bare (pure wires with no insulation) or insulated (with plastic insulation or other non-aluminum elements.)

Aluminum Rims: without valve stems or lead wheel weights - with stems and wheel weights they are bought as cast

Aluminum Cans: Clean and Dry!

Cast Aluminum:  Clean with ferrous attachments allowed up to 2% by weight.

Our experienced staff is standing by to provide you top dollar for your aluminum.  Bring it by the dock on the front of our building, and we'll sort it, weigh it, and give you a ticket to redeem at the front desk.  In a few minutes, you'll be driving away with cash or a check in your pocket.  Go green, and get some green, with Ace Steel & Recycling!